Clandestine Abuse

"[Clandestine Abuse's] production, levels, and post-apocalyptic ethos remain constant throughout, as though it were recorded in a single, jaw-dropping take. Still, it’s never a tiring slog, and certainly never anything less than riveting. Clandestine Abuse is a singular piece of work that stands above many of its sludgy peers, and an album that’s sure to define the Milwaukee hardcore/metal scene in 2011."  

-AV Club Milwaukee

"These are not brief tracks, the eight-song album coming in at over 50 minutes. But the way these Milwaukeeans approach music is to expertly draw out massive riffs like they were battering down a fortress wall. And this is why many of their surprisingly simplistic parts are so effective. While the band shows off some impressive post-rock mathematics, they have no problem bludgeoning on one chord or a few notes to create something that would almost be hypnotic if it weren’t so cruel."

-Decibel Magazine

Out now on Halo of Flies Records / Gilead Media / Siege of Power