World Keeps Sinking

600 copies. 180gram vinyl.
400 black, 200 clear.

Heavy full color gatefold jackets, download code.

co released on Halo of Flies/Gilead Media.

Out August 23 2013.

"This is an astonishing step ahead for Northless, a band already impressive before this record dropped but now that deserves to be at the front of the conversation when it comes to bands doing sludge and post-metal right. “World Keeps Sinking” is one of the most satisfying doses of demolition released this year, and any year-end list without this included in December should be deemed invalid."

-Meat Mead Metal

"Containing seven substantial strokes of sludgy disenchantment, this release is more about stern observation than violent assurances. Northless exercise plenty of down-tuned and downtrodden calculation, but they never insult our intelligence by merely clubbing our skulls. There's a thinking man inside you, young automaton."

-Heavy Planet