NORTHLESS - Last Bastion of Cowardice - Out Now!

Last Bastion of Cowardice is out now on Halo of Flies / Gilead Media!

Metal Bandcamp Reviews World Keeps Sinking

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"Northless are by no means re-inventing the genre of sludge but what they are doing is owning it like few bands have done before them. They do more than plod out riffs, they make the listener feel and they make the listener care. Developing a strong relationship with their sound this album moves from common sludge album to something special and something that needs to be experienced."

The Ritual Reviews World Keeps Sinking

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"The post metal influences are still prevalent in this album, with Northless still offering a few moments of sonic journey through their intriguing soundscapes. The second longest track of the album, “Communion”, conjures the power of the emotional leads and heavy riffs, with the band bringing forth their melodic side to create a great contrast to their overall heavy and bleak sound."

Headbang n' Buttonmash gives World Keeps Sinking 8.2/10!

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... time for Communion, and not the kind that leaves you thinking words like stale, tedious or sacrament. The eleven minute beat down opus reveals the sleeping genuinely progressive know-how shared among these four men. A relentless slew of time changes wait to stunt the predictable droning power made their own, but inspired by bands tribal to their ilk."

Erik Interview on KWUR St. Louis

Hammer Smashed Sound Reviews World Keeps Sinking

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"They've maintained the precision assault on the senses, which is very heavy and very aggressive, but their use of melody and texture on this album is clearly a step up from Clandestine Abuse, which was already pretty damn good."

American Aftermath Gives World Keeps Sinking 7.5/10!

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"At times glacially slow, Northless’s bread and butter is the painfully heavy punishment of powerful drumming, concrete-thick bass, and precision guitar playing. But it’s not all snail pace sludge, Northless switch it up to an uptempo trot that sounds almost math metal in its surprisingly technical approach."

The Metal Advisor Features the World Keeps Sinking Vinyl

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" every other Halo of Flies release I've handled, it's worth every penny. The robust gatefold jacket--surely pricier to produce--holds two clear records, limited to 200 pieces worldwide. That's already enough of a reason to pick up a copy of World Keeps Sinking on vinyl for many buyers."