An echo frozen within the ether
A timeless hoax, a rabid thought
Your maker is a ghost 
Cut off at the waist and burned alive
Now who saves your life?

Laid down, and made to see beyond the sight
We've been allowed within our darkened bounds
Held down, with all our brightest hours gone
Crawling though inanimate, our gaze cannot be broken
Aphotic ends we all must reach
The dawn is not for us to see

Running away from the light
Untold burdens we can descend
And submerge until the light is dead

Pained states 
Though fearless in 
Our march to the bottom
May the wastes release us on this day

The dust will settle 
And all likeness will be destroyed
One hand into the future
And our essence in the grave

Fade out in solemnity
Walls made of our own doubts
Depraved and cold, the watcher that hides
Despises us to the ground
Made in shame and hate, an effigy to our captors
Retreat inside, we wither to spite
The conduit that brings us to the grey