Empty Home

This time spent in plain and charred room
The walls that bleed no hope
A notebook with words I can't make out
My hand trembles as I write the script
Pictures with bullet holes and missing face
The glass can't reflect what isn't there
I'm not the man that you have known
I'm just a memory that you can't neglect
Slither and hiding to where you cant torture me
The trees and the ghosts are the only that can judge me
A road you have built is still running through abandoned towns
You'd hoped I'd forget but still I can cry out loud
The greying of Earth is the last of the calming sounds
In passing you'll speak my name
Even the sun will learn to regret
In passing you'll speak the name
But even death can't find me here
This is not my home
Empty home
Where no one lives
Slither and hiding to where you can't torture me