Flesh & Ghost


They think they know what I do
In their eyes I’m just a fallen saint
Spiller of blood, destroying love in my wake
I’m only real if you close your eyes
If you fear death more than you fear life
I’m not a man I’m the fucking truth

Bringer of the things that you see not
Bringer of the hopeless ends that you deny

Endless hatred
Buried now by time and pain
Loveless, wasted
Crawling back so you can feel again

No one will hear me in this place
You will call me a mistake
Seen through the dead eyes of the old
Watch the world outside the cold

The cold, abomination, the breath of master’s grief
The cold, abomination, deny me as I breathe


I feel nothing, condemned to misery, alone with my own thoughts
I am nothing, a burden on life, a scar unhealed forevermore

Forever scarred