Last of Your Kind

Forced to bear a smile
For the sickening eyes of the world
An impasse met within our thoughts
We're taught to fear the sight
The weight of sufferance too much to take
We are witness to dying hours
Moving backwards faster than time
Primordial, damned before existence

We can't rest while the heartless breathe
Leeches of our good wills
Split the ground and create the tombsĀ 
Let the earth swallow them whole

Swallow them whole
The earth will swallow them whole

Thrown into silence
Misery perpetual
Eternal suffering at the hands of conviction
Watch them slither into corners cold
In darkness they're absorbed
Downtrodden to prevail

Buried to the last of their kind
Destroyed so we can be the seeds
Buried to the last of their kind
Destroyed so we can take it all

Life is a war
Endless battles are waged
With hate in our hearts
We cannot be enslaved

Buried to the last of their kind
In solitude his shivers are fierce
Waiting to be erasedĀ 
With regrets as he fears the end

His cowardice shines like a beacon
Unanswered in his final moments

Shackled, bleeding, vapid
Turned, leaving, left to die alone