Light Bearer - Celestium Apocrypha; book of watchers

Words ingrained the tidings wrought
Illustrate immutable truths
Begin in earnest our chronicle
Celestium apocrypha

Coital calamity
Fusion immaculate
Spacial in utero
Born in vacancy

Fetal debris
Amnio collision
Impact upon impact
Colloidal temper

The furies they are forged
Tantrum arms venerate
Expel like seeds this genesis

Rivet suns innumerable
Striation lights like reins
Quell in gravity, this enormity

Quiet now temper!
You have your gold!

Countless orbs igneous,
crowd your treasury!

Magma stars germinate
Throw out your tongues and warm this cold

Birth of the false god:
Born amongst the fray
The unrequited lover
Blighted and engorged
Fierce of his stature

The false god wakes!

Birth of lucifer:
The quantum mire convulsed
Enigmatic disarray
The particles embraced
Confirm our oracle

Within suns once interred
In fallow emptiness
The fire son immolate
Held all our hopefulness

Vortices gathering!
Emerging patterns!
Unwitting symmetry!

Prism rays radiate!
Currents tug atomic gyre!
The spectrum forces govern!
Like spectral Generals!

Tread the boards upon which we turn
the roles are filled with serfs and pawns

Tempt the stones to dance before you
Their steps align! Ore ensemble

Bind solidify, unceasing collision
The sharing enamor bring forth and form

Revolutions, the thoughtless council
The mindless myriad, the universe