No Quarter for the Damaged

Black clouds, cold words, same old tides again
A life of gold, a dead weight, crippling our path
Burdens of hate, to show us the gates
Worlds of hurt inside our heads

I'm making my way towards defeat
I'm sinking til I find release

Staring in the mirror at a failure made
A worthless wreck, inanimate, no funeral for me
Someday when the mountains fall and our blood all boils
No one will remember who came before

I'm making my way towards defeat
I'm waiting for the world to delete

Each day I wake with blood on my hands
Endless times that fail me
Loveless tombs that shatter as I speak
Pray for me as I'm consumed by the weak
I'm holding onto nothing now
Because nothing is left
Hated and morose
Damaged and alone