The Origin of Flames

A vapid earth
Hallowed in its name
From the soil
Borne of disgust
A cursed brood’s domain

Gift of misery
From a world of blight
Passing through 
No halo’s glow
While fires pierce the night

No mind could believe
The burdens in his way
The terrors in his gaze
The lasting hate
From a nether void
Where flames hide in the dark
A man who fears the light
Unleashed to sun’s domain

The dawning thoughts
Of a man conceived in hurt
The rising tide of doubts
Crushing newborn life to dust
Visions of collective emptiness
Futility of breathing
In a sea of worthless souls

Damned to behold
The coldest life’s embrace
Indifference to measure
The unstable vanities
When the black has taken hold
And all else has been destroyed
There is no regression
The fiery road ahead

I must not move forward
I must close my eyes
And hide
And hide

New death rising
In me
Divinity’s illusion
I will not be spared
I will take it all
Old wounds returning
To grieve
The hammer of affliction
The world I can’t unsee

Lessons from the womb
Not carried through to now
No man has ever known
How to beat the shroud

Humanity’s reversal
Is what I’m seeking now

Echoes from the future’s dead
Reaching to give us haste
To devour our forever scorching earth
Before our path is made

Mankind’s best ending
A burial in flames

In flames