Their Blood Was Always Mine

The taking of life
Erasure of insects
I’m feeding on spite
Drained from enemy kills

Starless and abandoned
Strangled until the lights go from their eyes
The crimson sea awaiting
Frightened as their minds divide
Unjust cowards
Clutching at their broken hopes
The cries of desperation pierce the midnight
Now’s the season of damned ends

Severed and brave
Once proud now departed
I’ve dug every grave
And filled them with disgrace

I won’t
Forget a single name
I’ll shed
My hardest tears of joy

Movements in the vacuum 
Remnants of vermin
Removed with the swiftest blade 
Of torment
Encased in the will of psychosis
A patterned grace
Amidst the siege of resolving hurts
In moonlight the bodies are piled
And still I am not satisfied

No limits to vengeance
No need to stop
I will rise
To the top 
Of the fatal game
To vanquish all of my foes
No regrets
No remorse
Spilling guts
Hiding bones
Sending woe
Power trip
Spirit ignite
Dead in sight
Of clearest might
Of dominance
Time is stopped
Upon a dime
Cause they know now that
Their blood was always mine